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What we are all about...

We strive for Habitation over Visitation by hosting God well, both individually and corporately, and bring His Kingdom to earth.

Our Vision

Build Faith

Experience Presence

Have Fun

Make A Difference

Give ‘em Jesus

Our Vibe


We make him first

We are Jesus people, not religious people. This is about a relationship with Him and we will not back down from keeping Him the main thing.


We host Him well

At True Life Church, we love and honor the presence of God. We pray as Jesus prayed, “Let your kingdom come,” because we want to see the Kingdom displayed here on Earth. We’ve come to realize that we cannot do anything without the leading of the presence of God, so we make space for him in our personal lives and in our church services.



We are a hospital not a country club

We believe that Jesus loves to restore His image in broken people, so we partner with him in restoration through acts of love, forgiveness, healing and grace; we serve a God of second chances. We seek to model the heart of the Father and we love reaching out to the hurting in our church, our city, and our world.



We are intentional 

Everything we do is done with intent and on purpose. It answers the why behind the what.


We value excellence

The goal is not perfection, but we will always do our best with what we have. We're on time, engaged and prepared. We don't do things halfway. If we're gonna do it, it's to the best of our ability.

We walk in His authority

We are a Spirit-filled church and we are passionate about the presence of God. We love to pray and to worship, we honor the Word of God and we love prophetic ministry. We know that the Holy Spirit empowers people for service and anoints them to overcome all of life’s obstacles.


We do life together

We believe that the family is very important to God so we make it a priority to promote family values and we seek to build marriages and families. We also believe that the local church is our family as well. As a family, we know that we need to be connected one to another for encouragement and accountability.



We believe everyone is called

We believe that everyone has been called by God to be significant and change their world. Each of us have God-given talents and spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit to further the purposes of God. We encourage everyone to use their spiritual gifts to advance the Gospel.



We choose honor

We believe that we are called to live with a spirit of honor, so we serve with character, excellence, integrity and commitment.



We are generous

We love to give our time, our finances and our talents for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Generosity is a lifestyle for us and we know that God’s blessing flows through us to bless our world.



We have fun

The Bible says that laughter is medicine and we have plenty of medicine in our church. We value the joy of the Lord and we absolutely love to laugh because we believe that joy and laughter display the heart of the Father.

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